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Kris Martinez (Ouwenga)

I am a true Jane-of-all-trades who has spent a lifetime breaking down barriers of what women ‘should be’. I have raised four children and spiritually adopted several more along the way. I hold a Masters in Theology degree and have been in ministry for over 3 decades. I am unashamed of who I am and hold nothing back when it comes to being honest about life, people, Jesus and everything else. I speak with kindness and grace but with a foundation of bold truth.

What Defines me?

I care deeply about people and desire to help people discover the beauty that lies within their souls. But when it come to the true passion of my heart, it is deeply invested in helping victims of domestic violence. It is my sincerest desire to assist victims before, during, and after their escape and to guide them through the process of healing their hearts and minds; as well as to help them in rebuilding their lives and discover the strength that has been hiding within them. Victims of domestic violence are strong women waiting to be discovered and released!

About the Journey

Please join me as I take you on my life’s journey and share the wisdom I have gained from it. I was raised in a domestic violent home and have spent a lifetime striving to overcome those battle scars. For over thirty years I have helped victims like myself to create wise escape plans and gain their freedom from their abusers. I will share my personal story and the story of other victims. Of course, I will never reveal their real names, locations or family dynamics, in order to protect their identities, however, our stories will paint a vivid picture of what a life of abuse truly looks like.

I have been a believer in Jesus for 35 years. I intentionally say ‘believer” because, sadly, I feel that the term “Christian” has been muddled. I genuinely believe that the Christian community has some work to do in order to better represent the Love of Jesus. We have not made it easy for ourselves, however, we can change this simply by dropping legalistic belief systems and allowing ourselves to treat everyone with the genuine and unconditional Love of Jesus.

Laughter is Vital

Of course, I will throw in some fun topics as well because I LOVE to laugh!!! My life tends to include a series of unfortunate events that will make anyone shake their head in disbelief!!! Life is not so fragile that we can’t laugh at the circumstances we may find ourselves in and, trust me when I say, I have plenty to laugh about! So I invite you to laugh with me!


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