Beautifully Unbroken

My goal is to empower everyone from all walks of life. Although, we cannot control what we were handed and the broken pieces we were given in our lives, we can choose to embrace our experiences and allow them to reshape us into something beautiful and unbroken.

Glass Ceilings are for Breaking

I am comfortable in my own skin and want to empower all humans to be the same.

My name is, Kristine, and I have lived an interesting life that has taken me through the highest highs and the lowest lows. Through it all, I have become a confident, strong woman with a genuine heart. I have broken away from living under the expectations of people around me and want to help others do the same. When you accomplish this level of freedom, it is then that you can truly live in peace with who you are. We are only held back by the proverbial glass ceilings above us that need to be brought down so that we can live in true freedom. Although I will cover many subject matters in this blog, I will have two main focuses.

The first will be Domestic Violence; I have been working with victims for over 25 years and it has been my lifelong mission to partner with women to help them, wisely and safely, escape from violent relationships and empower them to succeed in their newfound freedom. The second focus will be on Christianity. I have been following Jesus for over 30 years and you do not have to know me very long before you will hear me say, “If it wasn’t for Jesus, I could never be a Christian”. I am not a hater of Christians by any means, however, I am also not a fan of many. We, as Christians, need to do some serious rethinking about the way we conduct ourselves and get back to the grass roots of Who Jesus truly was so that we can better represent His character to those around us and to the world.

Domestic Violence Hotline