Friday Funnies and Beautiful Moments

YCMTSU: Roller Coaster Week

People who are close to me know that the craziest things happen to me all the time. Like surreal stuff and on a regular basis. Since childhood, I was always referred to as accident-prone and that was an understatement!  If something could happen to me, it did.  If something could be run into, I ran […]

YCMTSU:  Potato’s and Migraines

I have had so many things happen in my life that sometimes, I just shake my head in disbelief because you can’t make this $h!t up (YCMTSU)! One story that stands out for me happened when I was somewhere around 12-years-old. Up until I was 30, I struggled with migraine headaches to the point where […]

YCMTSU:  The Tale of Four Holes

My childhood was literally a dice roll on whether I was going to make it to adulthood. So many crazy things happened and, when I look back, it amazes me that I made it out in one piece! This is the tale of the four holes…in my head!!! In the Hispanic culture, going to see […]

YCMTSU: The Most Expensive Car

When I was at my last job, I would sometimes go out for lunch. One day, when I returned, someone had parked in my normal spot. No biggie, I just parked on the opposite side, which was on a slight hill. As per usual, I put my car in park and pulled up the emergency […]

YCMTSU: Home Depot

I think one of my favorite quotes comes from Ron on Parks and Rec when he visited Home Depot (HD). An eager employee approaches him and says, “Hey, is there a project you are working on?” Ron looks him directly in the eye and responds, “I know more than you.” This is literally how I […]

BU: Airplane Redemption

The Beautifully Unbroken (BU) series I am weaving into my blog because, amidst our struggles, I believe it is important to remember the good things that have happened in life. Along my journey, I have not had many mentors and, in fact, have only had two of them. The first one I met back when […]

YCMTSU:  Surgery Day

A few years ago, while I was at work, I climbed up one of those rolling step ladders to get a piece of equipment.  I turned around to descend the steps when my shoe slipped on the edge of the top step and I went all the way down! Unfortunately, my left leg went down […]

YCMTSU:  Domino Effect

Have you ever had those days when one thing goes wrong, and that gets followed by several other things?  It is like the universe was trying to say something and could have found a better way to say it! The events I lay out below all happened within a THREE-day period! You literally cannot make […]

On this page, I will share the funny, crazy, and unbelievable things that have happened during the course of my life. Sometimes, I just shake my head and think, “You can’t make this $h!t up!” Thus, the YCMTSU acronym! I promise you will laugh at some of these stories because, even though they may not have been funny at the time, they are hilarious looking back! This is one place where I won’t mind being laughed at!

I will also share the moments that have made my life Beautifully Unbroken (BU). These are the highlights that make the lowlights dimmer!


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