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The Breaking Begins

My name is Kris and my introduction into this world began in an environment of domestic violence, coupled with many other aspects of abuse. But I didn’t let that stop me from surviving and eventually becoming a thriver! This is my story.

Fast Forward to Now

I have been put back together like a Japanese Kintsugi bowl, but the brokeness, paired with the healing, have made me uniquely qualified to understand what victims go through and feel. It is my passion to pass that knowledge on!

Triple Dog Dare

God can use anything to get you into a place where He can reach you. For me, it was a Triple Dog Dare!


A nickname is meant to be used as a term of endearment. But in this case, it was used to lure me out of a safe place.


What did I get for trying to help a beaten down friend? A motorcycle ride that nearly cost me my life and taught me that so much wisdom is needed in order to effectively help victims of domestic violence.

Put the Gavel Down

Judgment comes when people choose only to see the negative in others and disregard the positive. What if we flipped the script and looked for the positive in everyone?

Never Cry Again

Tears are taboo in a house of violence. This is the story of what happens when you let your guard down even a little!

Chasing the Winds of Approval

You never feel worthy of wearing a crown when the most important influence in your life makes you feel like you are undeserving and worthless. But this crown belongs to YOU.

Ebony: Part 1

This is the harrowing story that follows Ebony, an insecure child, who grew into an insecure young lady who looked for love in all the wrong places; and it nearly cost her her life, not once, but twice.

Ebony: Part 2

Just when you thought Ebony had experienced the worst of relationships, she enters one that would take her to the brink of total destruction.

Ebony: Part 4

Part 4 where Ebony finally finds true freedom from abusive men and leans into the healing she needed.

To Be or Not to Be

Narcissism is complicated.  Sort of. Up to this point, I have avoided using the term narcissist because it needs to be better clarified. We live in a society that promotes self-centeredness, which gives way to narcissistic behaviors and thought patterns. However, just because you don’t like the way someone treats you or doesn’t act the…

Rage Storms

When you live with a person who can go into a rage at anytime, it causes those around them to live in fear of those storms.

Silent Prison

Emotional abuse is not only hard to prove, but hard for people to understand just how difficult it is for the victims. It IS real and it IS detrimental to those who are subjected to it.

Pass the Baton

When a domestic violent relationship is revealed in the setting of a church, it is vitally important how the church responds. It takes wisdom to navigate the relationship from both sides.

The Dark Side of the Moon

There are many phases that victims of domestic violence will go through, but the light that shines on them is from the best source!

Dance Through the Fire

Why is it so easy to blame God for everything bad that happens? This is a different perspective on the troubles we face in life.

Effie: The Chameleon

When a victim escapes from an abusive relationship, it takes time to figure out who they really are again.

Fear-Based Courage

Courage is being afraid, but doing it anyway. There is courage in every one of us, including my six year old self who conquered her fear of things so much bigger than her!

Pressure Perfect

Nobody is capable of being perfect, so take the pressure off of yourself and others to be so!

About Me

This page will contain all of the posts that are the more serious part of life. My desire being to bring a deeper insight into what Domestic Violence looks like from an insiders point of view. Knowing about a subject and truly understanding that same subject, are two completely different things. I want the term “domestic violence” to be understood so that victims can find solace and comfort and hope from people who genuinely understand!

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