YCMTSU:  Domino Effect

Have you ever had those days when one thing goes wrong, and that gets followed by several other things?  It is like the universe was trying to say something and could have found a better way to say it! The events I lay out below all happened within a THREE-day period! You literally cannot make this stuff up!!!

After my separation, I had some family friends move in with me. It was helpful for both of us at the time because they needed to save money and their rent helped me to keep my house. A few months prior to the following events, I had hung my 72” TV on the wall so that the baby couldn’t reach it. At the time, I installed the brace and had my roommate check it to make sure it felt secure. I remember him hanging on it and confirming that it was. He and my son lifted the TV and hung it on the brace and all was well.

One day, I was watching their one-year-old in my living room. Everyone had been feeling sick and his mom was taking a break upstairs. The baby was playing near the TV and I decided to read him a book. I picked him up, bent over to pick up the book, took about three steps toward the couch and then heard what felt like the loudest crashing sound behind me. The baby started screaming because he was scared, and his mom and my daughter came running down the stairs! I turned around and was devastated to see that my beautiful and very expensive TV had fallen off the wall and was destroyed! I assured mom that the baby was not hurt but very scared. She took the baby and I just stood there. The shock of seeing my TV on the floor with the screen shattered was incomprehensible! There was nothing good about seeing my TV lying there in utter destruction, but I was very thankful that the baby had not been hurt!

After I took a mental break, I came back down to move the TV to my trailer for later transportation to the dump. I did a few things outside, then went to close the garage door. It started to close, then made a huge THUNK sound, and immediately stopped. I tried the button a few times, sighed in resignation, pulled the manual release and closed it myself. My garage door was now broken as well!

Later that night, I went to empty the dishwasher because it had completed the wash cycle. However, the dishes were still dirty. I turned it back on and, after about 10 minutes, opened it to make sure it was working. The water was spraying, but there was NO heat! This became a family discussion about how some of them had noticed the dishes didn’t seem very clean over the last few days. Now my dishwasher needed to be repaired!

I like to do fun things around my house and one of the projects I did was to make a crystal “wall”. I had hung different sizes and shapes of crystals on a wooden pole and installed it between my kitchen and my living room. It had been hanging there for at least six months. Whenever the sun would shine, it would throw rainbows all over the walls of the living room. One of my new favorite things to do was to have my grandson spin them and then we would dance with the rainbows!  He and I LOVED doing this together! The day after the above-mentioned mishaps, a few of us were hanging out in the kitchen when, out of the blue, the crystal wall fell with a large crash! As I turned around and watched a number of the round crystals rolling around the floor, I just froze. This was like unbelievable to me! There was NO reason this should have fallen off the wall!!!  I picked it up, firmly placed it in the garage, and went to my room to catch my breath and calm down!

The next day, I was sitting at the island when my roommate announced that they were going to be moving out two months sooner than expected. I immediately felt nervous because I was counting on having their rent for those two months! I went upstairs to process this and my girls came up to help me figure out how this was going to affect me. I was pretty emotional because I had recently lost my job and was really counting on having that income until the end of that year. But things happen and I just needed to process my emotions and talk it out. As we were talking, my older daughter called me. I didn’t answer because my two daughters and I were in this intense conversation. But she called three times in a row…which meant it was urgent.

I finally answered and she nervously explained that something was wrong with her cat and that she thought he needed to be taken to the animal hospital. I had to drop the conversation I was having, pull myself together, and rush out to take the cat in. We spent the better half of that night at the hospital and had to make the hard choice to let him go :(. Before the tears start to roll, the crazy thing is that, before the sad experience was even over, a couple that I Love dearly had already offered to take her out and buy her a kitten when she was ready! Still, I had to watch my daughter go through the grieving process and that was difficult.

I am not one to stay in my room very often, however, that Saturday, I think I only came out to get food and bring it back up. I literally vegged out for an entire day! I figured if I was in hiding, no more dominoes could fall!!! 

Until next time, laugh through the tears and stay safe!

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