YCMTSU: The Most Expensive Car

When I was at my last job, I would sometimes go out for lunch. One day, when I returned, someone had parked in my normal spot. No biggie, I just parked on the opposite side, which was on a slight hill. As per usual, I put my car in park and pulled up the emergency brake. A co-worker, who had accompanied me on this quick trip, and I spoke for a few minutes. Then we exited the car and went back to work.

We got a lot of deliveries and it was about an hour later when one of the delivery guys, whom I will call Grant, came in.  Grant was talking to a different co-worker of mine, whom I will refer to as Drew. Grant said to Drew, “So that sucks about the accident out there.” Drew responded, “What accident?”. Grant said, “Oh, that silver car that hit the black car.” Drew’s heart instantly sunk because he knew that his was the only black car in the parking lot! Drew said, “Wait, what do you mean? Is there someone out there?” To which Grant replied, “Nope, both cars are just sitting out there.” So, they walked outside and, sure enough, there was my car, smashed up against his!

Drew came up to my desk and said, “Hey, you drive a silver [car] right?” I answered yes and then he said, “Well, it hit my car.” Knowing which car was his, it was my turn for my heart to sink! I replied “What?!? How?!?”and I jumped up, we ran outside and there it was…my car’s bumper sadly connected to his front fender! We looked inside my car and the emergency brake was clearly engaged so there was no explanation as to why or how it released, rolled down the slight hill, and crashed into his car. Nope, no explanation at all!! Except that the brake fairy came and disengaged my emergency brake just for kicks and giggles!

Now, here is how my life works. In this parking lot, there were at least fifteen other cars parked in that particular area. Of those fifteen cars, this one was the most expensive in the lot! It was a sleek, shiny, black, beautiful Chrysler 300 that was only a few years old! Of course my car was going to choose to hit that car!

Later that day, someone pulled the camera footage up and we watched as the co-worker and I got out of my car and walked inside. About a minute later, you see the car start to roll very slowly; then picked up a nice roll and smacked into Drew’s car.  As we watched, all of us winced and oooh’d and awwww’d, as we witnessed the moment the cars connected. It was painful! I still feel sick when I think about watching that moment on video!

As it turned out, the fender was cracked and everything attached had to be replaced! Thankfully, Drew was a good sport about it and we worked it out. And because it was the most expensive car with the most expensive parts, it only cost me three thousand dollars!!! (Insert throw up emoji here!!!). After that, any time his car came up in conversation, or I was riding in it, I would ask him if he was taking care of my investment :<)))!!!

So, yeah, that happened!

Until next time, don’t park on hills and stay safe!!!

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