YCMTSU: Roller Coaster Week

People who are close to me know that the craziest things happen to me all the time. Like surreal stuff and on a regular basis. Since childhood, I was always referred to as accident-prone and that was an understatement!  If something could happen to me, it did.  If something could be run into, I ran into it. I was literally an accident waiting to happen.  At the time of these events, they may not have been hilarious, but looking back, they are pretty funny now and, seriously, you can’t make this stuff up (YCMTSU)! I want to share some of my craziest moments because I firmly believe that we should always find reasons to laugh! So, this is the story of a week that I still look back on and wonder HOW I got through it! The previous week I had been focused on trying to help all of the sickies in my house. This is a funny snapshot of how my life rolls!

The Covid pandemic has affected most, if not all, of our lives in one way or another.  Last October, our entire household of eight began to pass it around.  Despite holding babies and caring for the sick, I never tested positive for covid after taking three different tests.  I was sure I had it because even before that time, I had a cough that wouldn’t go away.  But still, no positive Covid test. I am not one to go to the doctor (as I explained in YCMTSU:  The Tale of Four Holes) however, my children were concerned after the two-month mark of having the cough. Knowing I had a wedding to travel twelve hours to that week (in which I was the officiant, one of the decorators and solely coordinating it) I decided to get officially tested for Covid.

On Monday I finally got into the doctor’s office and, after listening to my lungs, she immediately sent me for x-rays.  A few hours later, she called me and confirmed that I did not have Covid, however, I did have pneumonia!!!  Turns out I was walking around with it while taking care of the Covid people!  I was immediately put on a regiment of antibiotics.

On Tuesday, I had to finish making a cupcake holder that I had promised the bride I would bring. I had already cut all of the pieces out of real wood and all I had left to do was to drill the holes and secure it with screws. However, because I am neurotic and always triple and quadruple check every detail of my events, I went through our texts to make sure I wasn’t missing anything. It was then that I realized that she wanted the stand to be white! I was not going to paint over the beautiful wood so, I had to go back to the garage, set-up the table saw again, re-measure all the pieces and start over. I ended up finishing it, with my girls help, after midnight!

On Wednesday, I had to hook up my trailer and load it with all the wedding décor that I was bringing for the wedding. All the while, still hacking away!

On Thursday, at 4:00am, I started out on the twelve-hour drive to North Carolina. When I arrived that evening, I was read into all the details of the wedding.  The bride’s sister (and my roommate), who was planning on staying with her at her apartment, called and said she had woken up really sick.  The bride did not want to risk catching her sickness sooooo…she, myself and her fiancé ended up going to her apartment and literally packing up most of her stuff and moving her to their house; which she hadn’t planned on doing until after the wedding.  

On Friday, I woke up with a Urinary Tract Infection and had to deal with pain, getting meds and then start to decorate for the wedding. North Carolina, which usually has warm weather, was having an unexpected rain and windstorm…of course!  Because this was an outside backyard wedding and ceremony, I was unable to complete the set up until Saturday…the day of the wedding! I spent that evening revising my decorating plan and perfecting the ceremony and marriage vows.

Saturday would have gone smoothly, however, when I unloaded the arbor that morning, it turns out that the previous client had broken one of the legs but had neglected to tell me.  Suddenly I am scrambling to repair it before I could set it up and decorate it. Unexpectedly, I was the one decorating the tables and I ended up not having time to go back to my hotel room before the wedding was to start!  The house was full and there was no place for me to get ready.  Luckily, I found a laundry room which had a small bathroom attached to it and changed into my officiant outfit, and did my hair and make-up in a tiny mirror on the wall!. 

The weather was chilly, and everyone was very cold, however, it went well and I managed to only cough once while I was officiating.  By the end of the night, I was absolutely exhausted.  I had literally been running from Wednesday until Saturday night and when the wedding was over, everyone was tired and ready to go.  However, I still had to pack up my trailer because I was leaving early the next morning for another twelve-hour drive back to NY. Thankfully, several people helped me pack and, even though nothing was organized, we got it done.  I started to head to my hotel for the night when the bride called me…we had forgotten to sign the marriage license!!!  I re-routed to their house to get that done! I got to my hotel; however, I only slept for three hours and couldn’t fall back asleep. 

So, at 3:30am on Sunday I got in my car and headed home.  I arrived around 4:00pm and collapsed in utter exhaustion. But the good news was that my cough finally went away after another week on the antibiotics!  What did I learn from all of this?  Go to the doctor and get that cough checked!!!

Until next time, stay healthy and stay safe! 

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